How Credit Management Works - In just 3 easy steps!

Start Pen Icon APPLY NOW
  • Free / Full Credit Review
  • Pin Point items hurting your credit score
  • Customize Restoration Program
Step 1 Flag Icon Set A Goal
  • We set a realistic goal for your Credit (RESTORATION) Repair.
  • WHAT and WHEN.
Step 2 Road Sign Icon PRIORITIZE and ACT
  • Together we review the facts and establish a program to remove the highest priority and highest impact items first.
  • Initiate a prioritzed dispute action plan.
Step 3 Graph Icon Get Results
  • Time for the results!
  • Once we receive the results of our work with the credit bureaus we do a re-pull of your credit together to see how much your score has increased.

Prime Standard works with all three credit bureaus to help increase your credit score.*